Quality by means of technology

Service staff working in large hall on ice cream machine

Quality by means of technology

Always one step ahead by means of cutting-edge technology

The highest quality and steady development lead to innovation and top performance. These factors are important success parameters for us as well as for our customers and trading partners. Our many years of experience and our great technical expertise enable us to individually adapt the desired ice cream machine to your customer and consumer concept.

Our promise of quality

With the LUNA technology, LUMEN provides a hermetically sealed hygiene system that guarantees soft ice cream and milk shakes of the best quality. All LUMEN products are subject to the strictest hygienic maintenance intervals and quality controls. Since 1996, LUMEN has had valid DIN EN ISO certifications which guarantee optimum safety.

We monitor, measure and analyse the compliance with set quality standards at every stage of work. By means of customer surveys and in-house audits, we additionally ensure that we always achieve our goals in terms of quality and customer service.

Sophisticated technology for the best hygiene

When selling soft ice cream and milk shakes, you can dedicate yourself entirely to your customers. This is provided by the technology of your LUNA ice cream machine, which takes care of everything else. Your benefits: low operating costs, simple operation & maintenance, long operational lifetime and maximum hygiene.

Impeccable hygienic conditions are the lifeblood of the food industry. In view of the corona situation, the consumer need for the highest standards of hygiene is increasing. So that your customers can enjoy soft ice cream without concern, LUMEN offers not only the possibility of contactless payment but also a hermetic system that meets the increasing hygiene requirements with their innovative LUNA technology.

Cleaning without any chemicals

The special feature of LUNA soft ice cream and milk shake machines is their pasteurisation system, which ensures that the ice cream product in the machine is produced under absolutely impeccable hygienic conditions. The pasteurisation process is started at the end of the selling time in the programme mode and automatically initiates heat sterilisation. The LUNA machine is thus kept sterile by heating – free from any disinfectants. This is a process that is extremely uncomplicated and easy to carry out and is environmentally friendly. If pasteurisation is carried out overnight, selling can continue as usual the next day.

No chance for dirt and dust

The heart of our ice cream technology is a sophisticated overpressure system. Because: LUNA soft ice cream and milk shake machines work as a hermetic unit of storage container and freezing cylinder, in which an overpressure prevails as long as they are in operation. Only filtered air is used to produce LUMEN soft ice cream and milk shakes.

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