LunaMil slush ice machine

LunaMil slush ice machine

For wonderfully refreshing iced drinks in different flavours like sour cherry, passion fruit, blueberry, "Waldmeister" and apple or cola

Model features:

Compact and of low noise
With a height of 87 cm and a depth of 58 cm, the LunaMil slush ice machine is perfect for even the smallest sales room. The noise level of the machine is below 70 dB. Thus the device fits inconspicuously into the daily sales process. With a standard 230 volt connection, the slush ice machine can be plugged into any socket and can therefore be used anywhere.

High-performance slush technology
Our slush ice machine is available with one, two or three tanks. Thanks to the cooling circuits running separately from each other, it is possible to operate the tanks, each with a capacity of 12 litres, individually, if necessary, to avoid unnecessary energy loss. Optimized insulation due to double-walled storage tanks also contributes to a low power consumption.

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