Ice cream machines

Ice cream machines

Ice cream machines

The result of exceptional engineering skills

With LUNA ice cream machines, you can produce fresh high-quality soft ice cream under hygienically impeccable conditions – in fact, large quantities in little time. This is ensured by our unique ice cream technology. Learn more about our innovative ice cream machines and choose the model that suits you best!

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With innovation to cutting-edge technology

LUNA ice cream machines do not only meet the highest demands in terms of quality and engineering, but are also individually tailored to your needs. In this way, we are constantly developing our technology further. Apart from soft ice cream machines, our range also includes milk shake and slush ice machines with which we have succeeded in firmly establishing top quality LUMEN products on the market. Our customers include renowned amusement parks and furniture stores as well as shopping centres and large-scale gastronomy worldwide.

Secure turnover by remote control technology

Digitalisation 4.0: As a system partner, you can have the operating status of your soft ice cream machine permanently analysed by us, regardless of the location – thanks to our modern remote control technology. Minor faults can thus be remedied online. This increases the availability of your machine and thus your sales opportunities.

The advantages of our remote control
technology at a glance

Learn here how to use the remote control technology for yourself:


This is what distinguishes our ice cream machines:

High performance

LUNA ice cream machines have an output of 35 kg/h at an ambient temperature of 20° C or 350 portions of 100 g per hour.

Low maintenance

Daily cleaning in the evening at the touch of a button – thus sales are possible until closing time

High-quality manufacture

With components made of specially treated stainless steel, you make a lifetime investment


Control elements ensure a constant ice cream quality, independently from voltage fluctuations

Constant ice cream quantities

The adjustable ice cream flow ensures a personalized dosage of soft ice cream in equal-sized portions


A specific agitator and a high, stable overrun ensure a particularly fine soft ice cream consistency

Pasteurisation cycle

Fully-automatic pasteurisation cycle at the touch of a button – quick and straightforwardly

Easy operation

No time-consuming dismantling of device parts required

Indication system for refilling

Our refill system is easy to understand, practical and saves time

Low space requirement

Space-saving due to small dimensions

Closed hygiene system

Impeccable hygiene due to technological advantage

Individual models for individual requirements

From us, you will not simply be given an ice cream machine. You will obtain an ice cream machine that suits your demands! Together with you, our technicians will develop an ice cream machine that perfectly fits in your shop concept and is tailored to your needs  – individual, ideal, suitable.

You rather prefer soft ice cream pleasure for drinking? Try our LUNA milk shake machine, which is also available in different configuration variants.

Select the special equipment for your model:

Self-service operation

The solution for many customers and little time

Payment options

Individual payment options ranging from different currencies and tokens to contactless payment

Fruit sauce device

For the application of one of two different fruit sauces

Temperature control unit

For tender soft ice cream with crisp chocolate shell topping

Air cooling

For ice cream sales at fixed and changing locations

Water cooling

Especially low noise for fixed locations, e.g. interiors

Remote control technology

Computer-aided remote analysis by our experts

Touch screen (multiple language)

For excellent operating service, e.g. for monitoring of device status, filling level, temperature, portion figures

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