Ice cream products & accessories

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Immerse yourself in a world full of soft ice cream, milk shakes and similar, and find the ice cream product that suits you best!

Soft ice cream

It is known for its creamy, light consistency. The decisive factor: the way it is prepared. The ice cream mix is cooled down to a few degrees below zero in the LUNA ice cream machine and kept in constant motion by an agitator. Only a thin layer of ice cream freezes in the ice cream machine, is scraped off by high-quality stainless steel scrapers and filled into the cone or tup in form of soft ice cream by overpressure. A high, stable overrun provides the soft and creamy taste experience.


Milk shakes

Whether in the flavour of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or banana - milk shakes are the perfect refreshment for in between. They are the ideal addition to our soft ice cream range and a reliable source of revenue.

Slush ice

A refreshing iced drink whose crystals remain liquid even below zero degrees Celsius due to the constant movement in the machine: slush ice. This semi-frozen ice cream for drinking is available in many different flavours such as sour cherry, orange, blueberry, "Waldmeister" and apple or as "XXL Joker" with slush and soft ice cream. In many ice cream parlours, the American classic has been part of the standard range for years.

Toppings and sauces

In addition to the two flavours vanilla and chocolate, in which we offer our soft ice cream, a variety of toppings and sauces provides ever new variations. Besides the classic sauces and shell toppings such as strawberry and chocolate, different sprinkles also ensure variety.

Cone, tub and the like

Thanks to the extensive technical LUNA expertise, we can adapt our ice cream machines to your consumer concept. Thus, the cone or tub you prefer can be individually integrated into our machine. At LUMEN, you will also find accessories such as spoons or napkins and other equipment for your sales stand.

Our quality brand

You have opted for a LUNA ice cream machine? Now all you need is the right ice cream mix! How about our classic LunaMil, the international soft ice cream brand for the whole family?

Woman holding waffle containing white soft ice cream in her hand


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