Milk shake machine

LUNA milk shake machine

Soft ice cream pleasure for drinking – with our high-performance milk shake machine

Model features:

Self-service option
With the self-service operation of the LUNA milk shake machines, you will not only take away load from your staff but make buying ice cream an experience for your customers!

Payment options
Whether with coins, tokens or contactless with EC and credit card – the LUNA milk shake machine will take care of the payment operation quickly and straightforwardly.

Remote control technology
You can have the operating status of your ice cream machine permanently analysed.
This increases the availability of your machine and thus your sales opportunities.

But apart from these innovative add-ons there's more to it. Discover the special equipment for our ice cream machines in detail!

Milk shake machine Freezematic

The new design line of the LUNA milk shake machines! Rounded edges, smooth surfaces and flat portion keys: This is LUNA Freezematic. Whether single-coloured, different colours or with special graphic motifs – if required, we can design your Freezematic individually according to your wishes and your corporate identity.

The following special equipment is available to you:

Contactless payment

Woman holding card to card reader

You are not a fan of coins or tokens? With LUNA ice cream machines, your customers can also quite easily pay contactless.

Coin device

Ice cream machine with coin device

Your milk shake machine takes care of the payment – with different currencies or tokens.

Cooling systems

Cooling system of ice cream machine

Whether high humidity or hot temperatures, our ice cream machines with air cooling or water cooling are also suitable for extreme climates.

You need more information or would like to buy a machine? We would be glad to advise you.