Soft ice cream, milk shakes & more

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Soft ice cream mix

Our soft ice cream gets its particularly creamy consistency from its manufacturing process: the ice cream that your customers receive is always freshly produced for immediate consumption. That's why our products guarantee you sales and provide attractive additional business!
But soft ice cream even makes its mark in terms of calories: when it comes to calories, 100 g of LunaMil soft ice cream contains no more than 130 calories – which is about the same as 20%-fat fruit yoghurt.


Toppings & sauces

Alongside the two main vanilla and chocolate flavours, in which we offer our ice cream – a variety of toppings and sauces provide a wealth of different products and variants at LunaMil, Romeo & Giulia and Joy4me: grated coconut and chocolate sprinkles also provide plenty of variety alongside hazelnut praline, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce or chocolate icing.


Milk shake mix

You will also find a quick and delicious milk refreshment for a little break every now and then at both of our brands LunaMil and Romeo & Giulia. They are the perfect complement to our soft ice cream range and will guarantee you sales. Moreover our milk shake machines not only provide completely hygienic high-performance technology but can also be integrated into your sales stand without taking up much space.


Frozen yoghurt mix

Our Joy4me products are based on a creamy frozen dairy yoghurt mix with its delicately sour fresh taste rounded off with sophisticated toppings: passion fruit or Amarena cherry sauce, raspberry or cocoa-hazelnut sauce.
This pasteurised liquid mix is prepared from natural raw materials and without any preservatives and shipped in modern bag-in-box packaging.



Slush-Ice from LunaMil and Romeo & Giulia is a wonderfully refreshing iced drink whose crystals stay liquid even when they are below zero degrees due to the continuous movement of the Slush machine. Slush-Ice is available in many different flavours: sour cherry, orange, blueberry, woodruff-apple or even as our "XXL Joker" with Slush and soft ice cream!


Waffles, tubs and more

You can also obtain the waffle products for our soft ice cream as well as the tubs for milk shakes, frozen yoghurts or Slush-Ice products directly from LUMEN. We also have spoons, serviettes and other must-have accessories available for you – we are happy to advise you.