Our four stand-along brands offer professional ice cream technology, a wide variety of ice cream products and milk shakes as well as strong marketing concepts to over 1,000 system partners for their retail success.


Technology meeting Highest Demands

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LUNA soft ice cream technology is synonymous with more than 50 years of high-tech experience. Our soft ice cream and milk shake machines meet the most stringent demands in terms of quality, technology and service.


Soft ice cream delight – natural and fresh

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No other ice cream is as creamy and light as soft ice cream. As the ice cream mix and milk shakes are continuously moving within their special machines, this leads to the creamy and fluffy consistency of our products.


Premium soft ice cream and milk shakes

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All of our products are freshly produced just before they are consumed – and come with a sophisticated topping – just as you wish. We only use first-rate ingredients as our customer would not be happy with anything less than perfect.


Cool, creamy and light

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100 g of frozen yoghurt contains only 3.1 g of protein and 3.6 g of fat as well as less than 130 kcal – and that's with a creamy frozen dairy ice cream with a delicate sour taste, rounded off with sophisticated sauces and toppings.