LUMEN has been one of the leading ice cream machine producers for over 50 years. The first machines with their own pasteurisation system were developed back in 1963; ice cream machines with self-service operation have been available since 1983 and in 2007 our company revolutionised the market with its first machine that was also able to offer a touch screen and remote control technology.


Soft ice cream machines

LUNA soft ice cream technology is synonymous with many years of know-how and ongoing further development. The fruits of our work are premium soft ice cream machines that fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality, technology and service. You can find all the products that we currently supply on our LUNA website from basic models to high-tech machines. We also provide completely tailor-made panels and accessories for your sales stand – find out about our "comprehensive hassle-free package" for system partners!

Milk shake machines

As an operator you will be able to sell up to 120 x 0.3 l portions every hour with our tried and tested high-performance Type L 07 HL/WS milk shake machines with overrun of between 40 % and 70 % (depending on the shake mix) and four different flavours that are added via an automatic sauce feeder. As an option, the machines can also be equipped for self service operation – even with a coin device for the payment process if you so wish.

Frozen yoghurt machines

LUNA ice cream machines are also perfect for producing frozen Joy4me yoghurts. LUMEN frozen yoghurt products received the DLG Gold Award in 2012 – for the quality of the creamy frozen yoghurts with their fresh sour taste. Here too our machines are the prerequisite for a special product.

Slush-Ice machines

With its small size (85 x 40 x 56 cm) and total weight of a mere 60 kilograms the Slush machine is perfect for any point of sale. The low noise level (< 70 dB) and two separate tanks (each with a capacity of 12 litres) are other operating characteristics that are user-friendly and energy-saving.